Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Family Moment

It was Valentine's Day weekend and a daughter and her husband and Ed and I were driving to meet another daughter at Sweetie Pie's rib eye steakhouse in Decatur, Texas. My daughter, nameless at her request, said to her husband: "You mentioned to Mamma (her grandmother) to notice Tina's new haircut. I wonder if she remembered to notice."

"No, I didn't say that," he answered, "you said it."

"No, I didn't say it. You said it."

"No, I didn't say it.

"Well, someone said it," my daughter said.

My husband then said, "I said it."

"You said it?" She queried.

By this time, I was laughing because it was turning into a "Who's on first" moment.

"Well, if we can't decide who said it, I'll say I said it," I said.

Somehow my daughter didn't see the humor, but later when she asked Tina if Mamma had noticed her new haircut, she could hardly tell the story for laughing. All three of us laughed until we cried. Our husbands question our sanity sometimes.

Did Mamma notice? Yes, she did.

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