Thursday, March 3, 2011

NCIS Addict

I’m an NCIS fan. I love Tony and Ziva and McGee and Abby and Ducky and Palmer, and, yes, even Gibbs. I wouldn’t want to work for Gibbs because I’ve had a boss like him and he made my life miserable, interesting, but miserable. But like these agents, I learned a lot from this boss, and that’s one of the reasons I hung in there. I’m just happy he didn’t see NCIS or we may have been slapped in the back of our heads a few times. The guys for sure.
I’ve tried to analyze why this series is so popular. It has fans from across the generations. I do think it helps the generations to understand each other’s peculiarities better. And maybe appreciate them more as well. Gibbs is the father figure. Tony is big brother and McGee is little brother. Gibbs obviously likes the girls better, treating them like daughters. Of course, there’s the usual fare of sex and violence expected of today’s cop shows, but this one is different. They’re family, and maybe that’s what people desire to see. We look in every week to share in the NCIS family life.
I’m a fan on Facebook as well, so I get previews of coming attractions. That’s how I knew Abby would be a presenter on the Grammys. She looked so cute, and she didn’t have all those tattoos she has on the show. My only concern is that something will happen to one of my favorite characters. It seems the women agents and directors are particularly vulnerable.
Oh, got to watch the clock, today is NCIS marathon day and another episode’s coming on in five minutes.

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