Monday, September 6, 2010

In Perfect Harmony

Our little community has a chapel service for 30 minutes every Sunday. It's early enough so people can have breakfast afterward and attend their regular worship services (or play golf).

I belong to the choir. We wear blue robes with our chapel's initials in white. We have a great director who plays several instruments, sings and composes music as well. Most of us have some musical experience, so we're not totally lame. We actually sound pretty good. We practice only once a week and usually perform only once a month, and somehow or other he gets the best out of us.

But one thing bothers me. It's the way we march in. The front row is led by our church lady who does announcements. She marches in like a general leading her troops. The second row is supposed to start at the same time, but if it lags at all, our church lady's off.

The basses may march in the first or the second row, whichever they decide on the day. Sometimes we march down the middle of the aisle and at other times we separate and go on each side. You can imagine how ragged we look. One of the tenors is annoyed as well and occasionally tries to get order out of this group of independent thinkers, which helps a little--sometimes.

But our director doesn't seem concerned about how we get to the front. We never practice marching in. His concern is how we perform once there. It made me think about our Director. Christ draws us from all different directions. Some of us, as they say, march to a different drummer, but when we're all working together in him, using our various gifts, we're in perfect harmony.

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