Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Risk Taker

My husband is a risk taker. Do you have a husband like that? I try to keep him out of trees and off tall ladders, but my efforts are usually useless. Last Sunday, driving 70 miles an hour down the Interstate on our way to church, we heard a loud noise. A piece of our luggage rack came loose and went sailing off down the highway. Mbh pulled over, turned on the emergency flashers, and deaf to my suggestion that it might be dangerous to run out in the midst of traffic, he took off.

I waited nervously, watching semis and cars whiz by as he estimated how much time he had to run across to rescue the piece of luggage rack. Then, seeing his chance, he dashed across, grabbed it and ran back across the Interstate. By this time, of course, the prize he had risked his life for had been run over at least once or twice, and was a piece of junk.

When I questioned his action, he said, no problem, he had been careful. "What if you had tripped?" I asked him. He was insulted. "I've played basketball for years. I'm not going to trip." Yes, he'd played for years, but how many years ago, I thought. I'm too old for this, and so is he. Pray for us!

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